New to CrossFit?

Through out the year, we run various beginners courses. This has proven to be a successful way to integrate people into CrossFit. Its build for everyone and anyone, wether you have never trained in a gym before, or have given a generic gym a go and found yourself to be a little bit lost of what to do and how to do it. 

This is a great place to start where our experienced coaches will introduce the basics of CrossFit, from the lingo to the key movements and how to do them safely. 

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In these courses we will break down all the fundamental movements that appear in classes, go through all the lingo and help you take your first steps into the CrossFit world.
The course will be run over 6 evenings.
Once you have completed the course you will be good to mingle in the regular classes, and as an added bonus, we will give you access to all classes for the remainder of the month, and a FREE Hive Athletics T-shirt
All for just £80.

Places will be limited, click the link below to see when our next course is running and sign up before space runs out.