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Keeping Safe During Corona Virus

On July 25th we finally opened our doors!

We are doing everything we can to ensure both the members and the coaches safety. But we also need you to look out for yourselves and your fellow teammates.

Don't forget... we have our Hive Athletics Members area on Facebook (CFCL - Hive Athletics)

Watch the video below – it will give you a good insight into how classes are going to flow.

Book onto classes through Team-up or BoxMate. If you are not booked onto a class, you will not be allowed in (this is not my decision it’s for government tracing). We are allowing PAYG, but same applies – must be booked and paid for online using either BoxMate or Team-Up.

Sessions will be about 45 minutes to allow time for cleaning and class changeover.

Come dressed where possible for classes. Changing rooms/ toilets will be open, but if everyone does this you will miss most your class, we won’t be able to wait for you. One in one out of changing area.

Look at the class before you come so you know what to expect – This will limit the, ‘what are we doing?’ Questions that are the norm. And ensure classes run to time. It also means that if you want to bring equipment such as lifters or wrist wraps, skipping rope etc, then you can have them with you from the start. We recommend you to invest in getting your own rope, one because this is an item that nobody else will be touching and two, using the same rope will help you to learn the illusive double unders much quicker as you’ll have consistency with the rope.

There will be no chalk – sorry, I know you all love it! If you think about it you would be like washing your hands in potentially other people’s sweat. You are however, more than welcome to bring your own liquid chalk – just no sharing.

Bring your own water and take it home. Any left bottles will be binned.

On arrival you must sanitise you’re hands with sanitiser provided and same applies when leaving the facility. But, Sanitise away! Feel free to sanitise as much as you want and also bring your own personal bottle with you.

Be patient with your coach and with each other. This is a strange time for everyone.

Take your time. Most people have had 4 months away from the gym. Your body will have a shock when you come back, so take it easy, focus on good movement and re familiarising yourself with movements and intensity. The weights will come back, just don’t expect your body to be as you left it back in March.

We are unlikely to have time to incorporate a stretch at the end of the session, so make sure you keep on top of this at home. I will post the Power Athlete routine in the group for you.

As always, if you need any more info, are struggling to book in, or are having any other issues, please don't hesitate to drop us a message.

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