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Meet our Team of Coaches

We each have a story – and our coaches are part of the Hive Athletics story for a reason.
They each bring their own unique style to the floor to help our members on their own journeys.
One thing they do have in common though, is they care deeply about health, fitness and wellbeing and the relentless pursuit to provide you the best coaching experience possible.

Beth Hoggarth

People… It’s why I coach. I love to help people.
I'd like to think that it all began when I was born. I have always been involved in sport and teams, including being on the British squad for Judo for many years, and representing GB at the Youth Olympics in Spain. My degree at university was in coaching and sports performance, and then in 2014 I started coaching at Hive Athletics.
To begin with I was a member, just wanting to get my fitness back and have fun, but being the competitive person I am I quickly found myself traveling to throwdowns and meeting people all over the UK. This included two appearances at Regionals.

I soon learned that I had a passion for passing on my knowledge and experience on to others though. And now my priority is you guys!
I have always had a drive to further develop myself in order to help those around me more. This journey will never end, and as Head Coach at Hive Athletics I will always strive to bring you the best coaching possible.


Piyush Pandey

Hey team! Im Piyush and Im new to CrossFit Central Lancaster. My specialism lies in Olympic Weightlifting and this is where I will be focusing my training with you guys.

I started olympic Weightlifting during my strength and conditioning degree at university of Central Lancashire. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pursue it even further by getting my level 2 British WeightLifting coaching qualification. Since then I have been coaching myself and several other lifters and competed nationally as well.

I am a highly motivated professional with good insight and experience of working with athletes from different sports such as cycling, sprinting, Olympic Weightlifting, and football. 

I understand the requirements of sports and how to overcome obstacles to make sure that athletes are always progressing in their sessions. 

I am extremely keen on absorbing new information which is why I can say I have learnt a lot from my existing positions and qualifications, and I look forward to learning more in the future and passing it on to Hive Athletic’s members


Lydia Fleming

Hey I'm Lydia, or Lyds, which ever you prefer. I often get referred to as "the Irish one".

From a young age I've was involved in playing and competing in many team sports, which then developed into coaching positions as I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with others to help them love sport and exercise as much as I do.

My first experience of CrossFit was back in Northern Ireland when a friend dragged me along when I was at home for a break at uni. I've never looked back since. I became heavily involved with Hive Athletics in my final year of training to be a teacher. 3 years later I've completed the CF Level 1 Training course and am raring to go. 

Outside the gym I can be found in and about the Lake District making coffee, swimming, exploring and trying to find cool spots to go for a dip.

Can't wait to see you all on the gym floor.


Gaz Blackburn

I joined Hive Athletics in September 2019 as my Personal Trainer at the time retired and I wanted to try something different.  I absolutely loved the CrossFit style of working out and the diverse range of movements involved.  The box quickly became my second home and I developed a deeper interest in what we were doing on the gym floor.  This led me to undertake, amongst other certifications, a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.  I hope to continue in the footsteps of the other Hive coaches to deliver a friendly, safe, knowledgeable and challenging environment in which our clients can enjoy themselves whilst pushing the boundaries of their fitness.


Adele Stephenson

Hi guys, I'm Adele. I have been a member at CrossFit Central Lancaster for several years but recently made the jump to coaching you guys - mainly on the Strength & Power program in the mornings.
I have 20+ years experience working in the fitness industry with a big focus on working with groups. I have taught Les Mills and was Group exercise manager at DW for 6 years.
For the last 16 years I have been self employed and worked with many individuals on a 1-2-1 basis to help them succeed at their goals.
As well as helping you guys on the floor I love to get competitive myself and even held the title of ‘fittest in the box’ in 2019!
I'm super passionate about the provision of quality instruction with good technique and understanding of the feel of movement.

adele 1_edited.jpg

Jill Neil

I'm what I would describe as a "normal" person, I have the physique and ability of a 51 year old female,  C-Section mum and full time worker.  
I qualified in the 2020 lockdown as I was due to retire from a stressful  career and wanted to start another chapter in my life. 
I have strived to stay fit and active in my life and this can be difficult with life going on but I love the feeling of achievement after exercising for a period of time knowing that I have given it my best. 
I want to start this next chapter in a community where I can grow and learn, becoming the best I can be and cascading that learning to others so they can feel that sense of achievement I do. Let's also have fun along the way. 
I love talking to people and want to help them on their journey to being the best they can be or pushing themselves to achieve more.


Holly Briggs

Hiya, I’m Holly. I am in my final year studying Sports and Exercise Science at Lancaster Medical School, with the aim to complete a Masters researching the effects the menstrual cycle has on female performance/training.
So as ya can see I am very interested in exercise! I joined the Hive family early last year and it has quickly become my second home. I loved the community and was made to feel so welcome.
I completed my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course in October 2021, so I can now share my love for training with you lot whilst helping you improve and smash your goals whilst we have fun along the way. See ya in the next workout.


Sam Wisniewski

With 16 years experience in the fitness industry, Sam is always keen to explore all avenues of health, fitness and sports performance. Competing at a high level in multiple disciplines.

His passion for fitness however, is something he enjoys the most when Coaching Individuals and  groups, helping others on their own personal journeys to self Improvement, fitness and health.


Andrea Siem

I'm Andrea and I just started my coaching journey after passing my CrossFit Level 1 Test in March 2022. I have been a member of Team Hive since October 2019 where I moved to Lancaster to pursue a phD in Linguistics. I love the Hive community and I am very excited to get stuck in with coaching members on the gym floor. I am also currently studying to qualify as a Level 3 Personal Trainer to learn even more about assisting people on their fitness journeys. What really excites me is helping people surprise themselves with what they can do and how good it feels when nailing a movement/workout to go home stronger and more accomplished than when they came. 
In my own movement practice I love learning and training new skills and get a really good sweat on! My athleticism favours explosiveness over strength or endurance so I love an olympic lift or a box jump! I'm also a bit of a technical snob sometimes who aims for perfection in the hope of hitting greatness on the way there. But I also strongly believe that movement is, and should be, fun and I like to think of movement as play.  Let the games begin!

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