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FAQs & Myth Busters

CrossFit has a lot of myths about it, and people are always asking questions and raising concerns before they try it. Let us clear some of these up.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit focuses on functional movements which are constantly varied and transferrable to everyday tasks.

Is CrossFit safe?

We pride ourselves in providing a safe facility for you to train in. All of our classes are lead by qualified coaches and we are there to help you move in the safest possible way. All of our workouts can be scaled to a movement that best suits you and keeps you safe as well as you have an enjoyable, fun experience.

I have joint issues so can’t do CrossFit

The beauty with CrossFit is that our coaches are qualified to a level that we can make changes so that any workout is achievable for anyone whether they have any mobility issues, injuries or disabilities. Just be open and honest with your coaches about anything that may be an issue for you, and we will work together to ensure you get the most out of every class.  

I need to get fit before I try CrossFit.

We hear this one a lot, don’t worry, you don’t need to get fit before you start coming to our CrossFit classes. All you have to do is turn up, and that’s the beginning of your journey to getting fit, strong and becoming healthier.

CrossFit is just for young people.

Biggest myth of them all. CrossFit is for EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter what age you are and what abilities you have, we can work with anyone to help them achieve their goals, get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle.

Should I try CrossFit?

Yes! You should definitely come down to Hive Athletics and give CrossFit a try. We have one of the friendliest and welcoming communities you could wish for. We have much more to offer than just exercise classes. We hold monthly socials which gives opportunity to get to know each other on another level while having fun doing various activities, BBQs and nights out.

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