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I experienced the usual self doubt/esteem/worth/ability worries when starting out on my CrossFit adventure two and a half years ago and I was instantly impressed at the way the class is put together. It’s not just another gym. Its much, much more.

The coaches coach, and they do it in a way which is conducive to a positive outcome all round. The other people around you support and encourage and soon become good friends. The workouts are well thought out and vary considerably. Each technique is explained and demonstrated.

I don't do CrossFit to be the best or the fastest, I do it so I am better than the day before, one session at a time. I have noticed a difference in my strength, my energy levels and my own mental health.

I can't recommend it enough!




I started CrossFit a year ago with loads of self doubt not really knowing what I was letting myself in for but I was quickly made welcome and everyone here is super accommodating. All coaching staff have an abundance of knowledge and skill and all are extremely approachable. Hive athletics changed my life and I’ll never look back.


I’ve been going to The Hive for about 7 or so months now & I have to say I never thought I’d love it so much! I’ve learnt countless new skills and always felt supported by the amazing coaches.
In my 28 years I’ve never found a form of exercise that I’ve actually enjoyed it’s always been more of a “I have to do this so let’s get it over with” whereas with CrossFit I look forward to going and love getting fitter & stronger and improving the amount of weight I can lift/reps I can complete :)
10/10 would recommend this CrossFit gym, it’s like a little family with everyone supporting and cheering each other on.




I started at Hive Athletics, new to CrossFit and thinking I was relatively fit, but have been pushed and challenged to new levels.
It has completely broken the mould of my old exercise routine that I hadn't even realised had stagnated.

Would 100% recommend to anyone of all levels! The coaches are top class keeping a focus on developing and maintaining solid technique whilst pushing you beyond fatigue! 
Great chance to meet some awesome people too!

Looking forward to the future at Hive Athletics!


Kind and extremely competent coaches who make you feel welcome and cabable. An amazing community of people with a great balance of competitiveness and encouragement. The special atmosphere in the box that arises when everyone gives it their all and smashes a workout has to be experienced.
I would highly recommend the Hive!



Fantastic gym with an amazing group of people and great coaches. Now matter how my day has been, I know that when I go through the Hive’s doors I will be welcomed, my body and mind will be challenged and I will feel amazing after one hour 😄 I always come out feeling better than when I walked in. 

It is Difficult to describe in words .... just try it ! You will not regret it


Dropped in for a Wod whilst working in the area.
messaged Beth and she told me to come along.
a warm welcome and friendly members , just like being at my Box.
no egos just friendly people training together. 
If I am up this way again I will definitely drop in again.





I joined the Hive at both the beginning of the end of both lockdown and a dark time of my life, knowing it would be the therapy I needed! After a trial, sometime before, I clearly remembered the addictiveness of both the exercise and the positivity and strength of the people; coaches and members. I knew it was time to get stuck in and be part of it all. Before I joined, I had 3 months of no exercise (post abdominal surgery) and with pins to a broken bone in my hand. I was supported by each coach with all the support, encouragement and adaptations I needed. I was terrified of box jumps, for example, but coach Joe had all the patience and commitment to help me achieve them. Now I jump up and down like tigger! I’m trying to master hand stand pushups now and I know I’ll get there! This physical strength and confidence has definitely made me mentally/ emotionally stronger to deal with other life challenges where a bit of fight is required. Looking at where I am now, just 4 months on, I’m feeling fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been before, with a new cohort of awesome friends that are my CrossFit family. I have no regrets! This is my way of life now. I cannot believe I’ve just entered my first competitions! If your looking to be inspired and to surround yourself by the right people to become the best version of yourself then come and join the family!

When Jill told me she had become an instructor at the Hive and I should come along and try a class I openly laughed and said the term CrossFit was daunting and wouldn’t be something I would be capable of completing. However I was proved to be wrong and I am glad I did come and try the class out. I haven’t looked back since and love the new challenges of pushing myself to master techniques and improve my fitness and strength. I am intrigued to see the developments I continue to hopefully make. These improvements have only been possible as a result of the support and guidance from the coaches who take their time to clearly explain and demonstrate the moves/technique required. Also the support and encouragement from other people in the classes has lead to them becoming friends!



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